Maxitrade vs scam

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The article deals with one of the most reliable and progressively developing brokers – Maxitrade. You can find out exactly what services the brokerage company provides and what principles it adheres to in its work. There are lists of documents that will be required for personal identification and successful start of cooperation with a broker. The main weighty reasons are listed that encourage you to link your work with Maxitrade. It is told about how a broker opposes the development of fraudulent groups that greatly interfere with work. Also shown are reviews of real people who have achieved success by choosing Maxitrade as a broker for cooperation.

Maxitrade vs scam

Maxitrade is an innovative forex broker. It provides modern traders and investors with a platform for fruitful work, which is able to meet all quality criteria. Broker Maxitrade was founded at the initiative of the international financial holding Market Solutions Ltd, and for more than 10 years the company has been creating convenient and technological services for working in global financial markets.

Forex brokers are companies that provide intermediary services between retail customers and major financial institutions in trading on the international foreign exchange market, and also the broker serves as a kind of protection against a scam. Without their assistance, an individual cannot work in forex, as well as in many other markets.

A reliable forex broker is usually chosen from a large number of companies. This is a crucial task, since the success of work in the market depends to a large extent on the reliability and honesty of a partner. Therefore, when choosing a brokerage company, pay attention to the history of its creation, location and regulation used.

Studying Forex brokerage companies, you should also pay attention to trading conditions. Everything is individual here, but the main thing is the speed of order execution and the minimum spread.

The main objectives of the broker market

Maxitrade’s broker’s mission is to establish the company as a reliable and modern Forex broker, which anyone can access without the risk of being deceived by scam.

As an international financial services CFD crypto broker, Market Solutions Ltd is obliged to adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML) with due care and due. Market Solutions Ltd meets the requirements of international laws and regulations against money-laundering and maintains a strong and aggressive position to prevent illegal money laundering activities. Our strict rules, principles and procedures have been implemented to detect, prevent and report on money laundering and any other suspicious activities, so our clients may not worry about possible scam attacks.

How is money laundering activity defined?

When scams try to transfer their illegally obtained funds by transferring them to the legal financial system and without attracting legal attention, this is called money laundering.

After funds fall into legitimate financial systems, the scam (s) or terrorist (s) can then transfer them between banks or financial products and use them in illegal activities, buying goods and services, or even finance terrorism.

Market Solutions Ltd will report any attempt by an individual or company to conceal the origin and ownership of income derived from illegal activities, including fraud, theft, illegal gambling, drug trafficking and other activities.

Is it necessary to confirm the identity to open a Forex trading account?

To prevent money laundering, Market Solutions Ltd asks all of our clients to
provide the relevant documents proving the identity and origin of the funds before trading with us. We pay great attention to verifying the identity of our clients and determining the legal origin of their funds before opening a trading account fx or making a deposit. As part of this policy, you will need to provide legal documentation to verify your name, personal data and location.

Market Solutions Ltd asks for the following identity documents:

  1. Copy of passport or identity card (front and back sides)
  2. Copies of all credit cards used to make a deposit. (Front and back sides). Please note that only the first six and last four digits should be visible on the front of the credit card along with the expiration date and full name. You can hide the remaining numbers on the front side and the CVV number on the back.
  3. Bank statement – RIB.
  4. The entire utility bill with your first and last name and your address. (Please provide us with the entire document).
  5. In the client agreement of Market Solutions Ltd, you will need to clearly indicate the name of the payee – the beneficiary of the account must match the name specified in the form of your client agreement. Any funds you want to withdraw must match the account number and the recipient’s name.

The main rules when choosing a broker

Today, there are a large number of offers from brokers on the market, but there are scammers.

We list the main points that people who have decided to invest free funds in
securities should pay attention to when choosing a broker.

In accordance with current legislation, the broker is a professional participant in the securities market (RZB). To obtain this status, it must comply with the requirements listed in the law, for example, the requirement for authorized capital and disclosure of statements (the latter is valid for public companies).

Also, a professional participant in the securities market must have an appropriate license for the provision of brokerage services. As a rule, it is on the broker’s official website, in addition, the Moscow Exchange lists the bidders, and the Bank of Russia publishes the register of license holders of professional securities market participants (but it includes not only brokers). If there is no license from an organization that positions itself as a broker, you should immediately exclude such a “broker” from the list of possible options. These representatives of the organization may be scammers.

The main provisions of interactions with a broker are described in the broker’s service policy. The document is usually posted on the website of the company. The regulations are rather cumbersome, with a number of relevant applications. In order not to waste time on a thorough study of a legal document, you need to first determine the goals that you are pursuing in the securities market. For example, if your goal is to invest in the stock market, then you should familiarize yourself with the part of the regulations on the specifics of the broker’s work in the stock market.

Nevertheless, you can highlight the general provisions of the regulations, which should be paid attention regardless of your goals:

  • REPO transactions;
  • loan securities;
  • input and output of funds;
  • write-off of the brokerage commission;
  • dispute resolution procedure;
  • debiting and crediting of variation margin;
  • the procedure for the forced closing of a position by a broker.

The next stage is to familiarize with the broker’s service fees. People in the financial market have different needs, and brokers consider this in fees. Therefore, the correct choice of tariff for brokerage services – one of the main points, which subsequently will help avoid unpleasant surprises.

Analyzing tariff plans, you should pay attention to:

  • the presence of a minimum commission for account maintenance;
  • availability of a depositary commission (commission for storing shares and processing transactions, usually a fixed amount);
  • the size of trade turnover, on which the size of the brokerage commission depends (represents a percentage of the transaction amount);
  • availability of a fee for providing access to the trading terminal – both to the mobile and to the stationary version;
  • availability and amount of commission for withdrawal of funds from the account;
  • the cost of marginal lending services (provision of a loan • secured by the client’s capital, allows for transactions with an excess of own funds) and loans in the stock and currency markets of the Moscow Exchange;
  • the presence and amount of the commission for submitting a voice trade order.

After self-study of all the listed nuances, I recommend calling the broker’s hotline and assessing the level of competence and the quality of consulting client managers. It is best to ask questions about the points that you noted in the broker’s maintenance policy and pricing supplement to it. Remember that employees who will give you primary advice by phone will continue to interact with you and solve the necessary tasks.

In parallel with the consultation is to get acquainted with the reviews of the broker on thematic resources. Almost all major financial markets forums have discussions in which both private investors and brokers participate. You can immediately find interesting information from real people about scammers groups as well as reliable ones.

Working with a trading terminal and the calculation of transactions on trading floors have nuances. You can sort them out independently, but it will take a lot of time. Faster and clearer when you have the opportunity to watch a five-minute training video from a broker, where everything will be told in detail and in simple language.

As a rule, the broker has training centers, but the information not always provided is free. You can pay attention to brokers who publish such materials in the public domain.

This advice is especially relevant if you decide to open an individual investment account (IIS). For example, access to the stock market of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, where shares of foreign issuers are traded, is far from being provided by the IIS to all brokers. At the same time, in the framework of long-term investment and portfolio diversification, these transactions will be beneficial to investors.

If we are talking about IIS, you should choose a broker who allows you to receive dividends and coupon payments either on a regular brokerage account or directly to bank details.

If these payments are received on the IIS, then the credits are not considered to be the replenishment of the investment account, that is, they do not increase the amount of the funds deposited in the IIS and the corresponding amount of the possible tax deduction on the contribution. And if payments were received on a regular bank account and subsequently transferred to IIS, then this amount is a
direct replenishment of IIS.

Broker in accordance with applicable tax law is a tax agent of its clients. By
assigning such status to a professional participant, the legislator imposes on him both certain duties and a measure of responsibility. The broker must withhold tax at the rate of 13% (NFDL) from a positive financial result in the event of withdrawal of funds from the account or at the close of the tax period. All professional participants in the securities market have this obligation, but the procedure for tax withholding may be slightly different.

Some brokers at the end of the tax period require that customers deposit cash on the account of the tax write-off, others simply report to the tax that the tax on the client is not withheld in full due to the lack of funds on the broker account. In this case, the tax is independently dealt with the taxpayer, exposing him to the appropriate requirement.

It is important to know that some brokers block a currency amount equal to a ruble equivalent of a calculated tax when a client withdraws a currency from a brokerage account, although the broker is not a tax agent in the foreign exchange market – in this case it’s an internal broker’s decision. This nuance should be described in the broker’s broker servicing regulations in the section on taxation.

Newly-minted investors often ask what will happen to money and securities if the broker declares himself bankrupt. My answer is no big deal. Experiences on this issue are justified and correct, but it is necessary to build on Russian jurisdiction. Under civil law, securities are the property of a natural person, which belongs to him by right of ownership. The broker, accordingly, cannot be liable for its obligations with the property of the clients. This is a fundamental point. The central bank rigidly checks the accounts of professional participants in the
securities market and as soon as it finds any deviations from the norm in it, it immediately suspends the activities of the delinquent broker.

But to be calm to the end, you can refuse to broker the loan of their securities. In accordance with federal law No. 39 “On the Securities Market”, a broker has the right to use the client’s securities in his own interests, if the latter has not refused such a loan.

At the same time, the broker is obliged to return the occupied securities to the client upon his first request.

Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Customer security is a key factor for Market Solutions Ltd, and we are committed to protecting the interests of our customers as seriously as possible.

Considering the above, we have implemented a number of KYC (Know Your
Client) procedures designed to protect the personal information of our customers, while at the same time it allows us to support Market Solutions Ltd in accordance with the best principles and rules of financial service companies. They are aimed a preventing any cases of identity theft, money laundering, fraud or terrorist activities.

We work on the basis of strict uncompromising. Any fraudulent activity will be documented and will result in the immediate closure of any trading accounts associated with such activity. Funds deposited to any such accounts will be confiscated.

You, as a client of Market Solutions Ltd, should be interested in the correct
implementation of KYC procedures. These procedures protect your personal data, and your financial transactions remain secure. Without KYC procedures, your trading activity will be limited and you will not be able to withdraw funds from your account.

Our KYC procedures are extremely detailed, but at the same time remain simple for our clients.

Opening and financing a trading account with Market Solutions Ltd will require the following documents from you:

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Driver’s license
  • An identification document should clearly show the following:
  • Your full name
  • Your birth date
  • Expiration Date
  • Clear photo

The minimum period of validity of an identity document must be 6 months before the expiration date.

Your proof of residential address must be a clear and legible copy of any of the following documents:

  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Utility bill, it could be water, electricity, telephone or gas

Bank or credit card statement

Your proof of residential address should clearly show the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your residential address – This address must match the address you provided when registering your account.
  • The document confirming the residential address must be dated the last 6 months.

If you use a credit card to fund your account, we will need copies of the front and back sides of this credit card with all the figures, except for the last four, which you need to cover. The CVV code on the back of the card must also be closed. The name and signature of the owner must be clearly visible.

Your identity document, proof of residential address, and a copy of your credit card (if necessary) can be provided to us in PDF, JPG or PNG formats and should be sent to [email protected]

It is in your interest to send us your identity documents and confirming your residential address as soon as possible after registering an account. Failure to provide relevant documents may result in setting limits on your trading.

In addition, it is important to understand that without the necessary documents, withdrawing funds from your account is impossible.

These conditions come into effect when a contract is concluded between you as a client and the Company. By visiting the Company’s website, gaining access to the Company’s service, you acknowledge that you understand and accept these terms and conditions. The terms “Client”, “You” and “Your” in the sense in which they are used in this document refer to you, or any person you represent, your representatives or representatives of the person, your assignees and affiliates, as well as to any of your or their devices.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the Company’s service, and immediately inform us about your disagreement.

Market regulation

The company attracts the attention of customers with widgets. They represent the alleged mood of most traders. If the last candle was ascending according to the timeframe specified in the algorithm, then the positive trend will be displayed on the widget, and if it is descending, it will be negative. Also presented are the deals of successful traders and the amount of profit. For reference: the average capital of a successful trader in the Russian Federation does not exceed 10,000 USD, and the yield does not exceed 20% per month even when trading highly liquid and volatile
financial instruments. These traders, as a rule, work as managers in professional investment companies. Based on this information, it is logical to assume that the profitability information of Maxitrade customers is false and presented to widespread attention solely for marketing purposes.

It is worth paying attention to the list of trading accounts. It is easy to see that the higher the amount of the trader’s deposit, the greater the level of the welcome bonus. Especially impressive is the company’s willingness to give a VIP account holder 150,000 USD given that there is no information about liquidity providers and the availability of regulation.

To gain access to trade, you will need to register your personal account on the company’s website. It is noteworthy that there is no mention of the need for verification of the identity, in accordance with the requirements of international law.

  1. A user is called by a representative of the organization and under any pretext convinces him to open a trading account. The attention of potential customers is focused on the fact that the company’s trading platform is designed specifically for beginners and provides tips in the form of specific trading recommendations from pseudo analysts.
  2. If the user decides to deposit funds, then experienced sales assistants begin to communicate with him, who insist on the need to replenish the account with a large amount.
  3. When a user tries to withdraw an amount equal to a deposit, this request will be rejected under any pretext, and the account will be blocked. In this case, neither law enforcement agencies nor specialized law firms will help to return investments. Therefore, it is necessary to withdraw a smaller amount than is on the account.

In the process of working with the stock exchange, even a professional can lose financial resources. The so-called “drain” of money is nothing more than an unfavorable coincidence. When you invest in any business, there is always a chance that this undertaking will result in a total loss of all investments.

How to recognize the best broker

A good broker should have the following characteristics:

  • Reliable platform. The site must be working, the support service is obliged to answer questions on demand, and the funds are on the account.
  • Withdraw money. The transfer of earned funds should occur according to the time frame indicated on the site.
  • Convenient service. The site must have a friendly interface and be user friendly.

A proven broker should provide quality service and inform about changes in the policy of interaction with customers.

The main advantages of the platform:

  • Financial opportunities. You can quickly replenish your account and withdraw money.
  • Informational resources. Broker regularly publishes reviews, news and analytics.
  • Stable technical base. The platform works stably and efficiently.
  • Suitable for beginners. Starting a broker is easy.

MaxiTrade has a standard set of positive advantages that allow traders of different levels to get a reliable tool for increasing capital.

What financial advantages does Forex broker MaxiTrade offer?

Broker is an intermediary between you and the Forex market. His main task is to manage your financial assets. A distinctive feature of this organization is a large selection of trading instruments and a sufficient number of currency pairs (over 40). You can also trade in cryptocurrencies, the value of which is currently constantly changing.

What financial advantages and conditions does this broker offer:

  • Cooperation is available only to customers with a deposit of at least $ 500;
  • Low level of spread, which eliminates losses from the “jumps” of the chart;
  • You can work with indicators of the cost of precious metals and oil;
  • It is easy to replenish the account and withdraw money – you can use plastic card and electronic wallets;
  • Cooperation with a broker occurs without a fee;
  • Personal data of account holders is not available to third parties;

Also, the account holder can open and close transactions by phone.

Technical and informational capabilities of the platform

Many of the characteristics that will now be described are the standard for a modern broker. Consider the main technical advantages:

  • Interface. Each element of the interface is easily mastered by a beginner. Trading can be started after 10-15 minutes.
  • Suitable for any computer. This is an important feature that allows you to run the platform on any operating system.
  • Instant order acceptance. Sometimes, for a significant increase in the amount of funds on the account, only one second separates.
  • Full statistics and flexible settings. To improve your skills as a trader, you need to analyze your decisions. The setting allows you to better operate with placing orders.
  • Modern support service. Any registered client of the broker has the opportunity to communicate with customer support live.
  • No need to use software. The platform itself is a reliable program that provides all the necessary functions for traders.
  • You can make orders by phone. The site is available for all models smartphones on any operating system .

It is also important to highlight the informational benefits of a broker. News for traders is regularly added to the feed. You can study analytics and read forecasts. The latter type of information should not be taken as a 100% guarantee of determining market behavior. Forex trading has always been fraught with risks.

Some companies simply provide software for downloading and create an interface for registering a trading account. But the company Maxitrade constantly improves the quality of service for customers. Despite the controversial reviews, the level of the platform is quite high.

Platform specifications and general comparison with other options

Why choose this broker? According to the information on the official website, the organization offers favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • Minimum lot size. Maxitrade platform takes $ 5000, when most other organizations offer to make from 10 thousand dollars.
  • Deposit. $ 500 is enough to start working with the company, when other platforms may require up to 2 thousand.
  • Leverage. Most competitors offer a ratio of 1: 100; however, MaxiTrade has a leverage of 1: 100, 1: 200 and 1: 400.
  • Spreads. In the surveyed system, the spread is from 2 pips, and in other systems from 3 pips.
  • Fee for depositing and withdrawing funds. Most brokers necessarily take a commission or do not communicate it to clients. Broker MaxiТrade works without commissions.
  • Commission for trade. Maxtrade receives a commission only for spreads, rolling and commies.
  • Minimum deposit. He takes only Spread, Rolling and Com.
  • Restriction on replenishment and withdrawal of money. The Maxitrade rganization did not impose restrictions when other systems impose limits depending on the particular system.
  • Automatic triggering of order conditions. The broker in question provides a fully automated order execution system. Other companies may conduct hidden order analysis.
  • Check account by the user. The Maxitrade client can see the balance and charge history at any time. Other companies provide limited account information.

From all of the above, we can conclude that MaxiMarkets offers favorable conditions for cooperation. If you decide to start trading, the system will issue all the necessary tools. The impression was created that the exchange wanted to form a trusting relationship between customers and the intermediary. Such an attitude to a potential client can not but rejoice. Anyone who has the necessary amount of money is able to register on the site. In addition to standard trading, there is an alternative to ordering trust management.

Bonuses and promotions of the organization

A distinctive feature of cooperation with this broker is the availability of profitable bonuses and promotions. Consider the main examples:

  • Recommendation to a friend. You can get a reward, which is expressed in increasing the deposit. For each new customer bonuses are awarded. This is a kind of affiliate program.
  • Deposit Bonus. The client receives up to 30% on a new deposit. If you make $500, you get another 150 on top. To take advantage of the action, you must meet a certain time frame.
  • Deposit insurance. A new client can insure the amount of $ 1,000 to $ 20,000.
  • Double punch. This program is designed for new and established clients of the company. It allows you to double the amount of funds for a client in transactions.
  • In case of loss of funds, the money will be returned to the client’s account.
  • Royal Bonus. This program is designed for VIP clients, which allows you to make a serious profit. There are several types of this bonus. Royal 30% increases the deposit by 30%, but the client can not withdraw money more than once a week. Royal 50% allows you to withdraw money no more than once a month. Royal 100% allows you to increase the deposit by 100%, but you can withdraw money only after six months.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the reporting season in the USA. At this time, the best corporations in the country report for a certain period of time. Thanks to this, you can make a forecast and create an order. Reporting season is a godsend for professional brokers who specialize in fundamental analysis.

Affiliate programs for customers

This program is designed for people who want to make money using the platform. The principle of cooperation is simple – a registered user attracts new account owners to the company. If the user of the system begins to actively engage in trade, the size of the program participant’s remuneration will increase exponentially.

There are two types of cooperation: for individuals and legal entities. An individual acts as an Internet partner that simply attracts new customers to the platform. This type of earnings is suitable for owners of your own blog or site. Due to the large number of subscribers, a member of the program will be able to advertise MaxiMarkets. On the site you can add promotional materials of this exchange.

Also, an individual can receive the status of a broker. This type of partnership involves personal communication with customers. In this case, a company representative receives marketing support and support from a personal manager. A member of the program receives a percentage of the client’s profit and support from the company’s employees.

For legal entities it is possible to open their own intermediary structure under the auspices of MaxiMarkets. This type of cooperation can be called the acquisition of a franchise. A legal entity purchases a complete software package. An entrepreneur receives a ready-made business model, issued under a well-known trademark. The organization also provides operating technology and a tool for interacting with account holders. All details can be obtained from the organization’s support service.

Training from MaxiMarkets

This organization pays great attention to the training of account holders. Consider the main types of educational programs:

  • Webinars. Online lectures are conducted by an experienced trader who simultaneously trades and answers all relevant questions. It is also being recruited into a study group that can enjoy the benefits of online learning. Each video remains in the archive – it can be viewed at any convenient time.
  • Forex Course. This is a basic educational course that covers the main aspects of a popular currency exchange. In the course of the educational program, the student learns about currencies, geography, risk minimization and features of earnings.
  • Articles. Site managers regularly add new materials about events in the world of currency pairs trading. Such news helps to better analyze the schedule and make predictions.
  • Video library. If you do not want to read articles, you can watch the video. It is suitable for beginners in the Forex market.
  • 150 questions about Forex. Another educational unit from the company Maxitrade. Here you will learn not only the basics of trading, but also ways to take profits. This section is recommended for beginners who are just starting to work in the field of Forex.
  • Problems of trading on the currency exchange. This is one of the most popular books about the Forex exchange, which tells about the features of trading and the possibilities of preserving financial assets.
  • An example of profit. One of the representatives of the company talks about the possibilities of increasing capital. Informative video for everyone.

Also in the educational video you can find a lot of other useful information about the company and currency trading.

Customer feedback with the company (chat, mail, incoming lines, Skype)
through the website, platform

Feedback is carried out using emails at [email protected] You can also call the number +74993715136 (hotline). Specialists of the company are always happy to answer the client’s request and help him with any questions that may arise. At any time, the client can ask for help in solving questions in the chat, which is located on the company’s main website: A qualified manager will be happy to help everyone who applies. Also, anyone can download the Maxitraid application on their phone, equipped with a variety of options necessary for successful work and the acquisition of new earnings skills in the company.

Who is the broker Maxitrade? Reviews and opinions on earnings on the stock exchange

About Maxitrade broker you can find many contradictory reviews. Someone notes that this project is doubtful. Others have reported that they have been withdrawing money for three years and are successfully trading. Who to believe? If you look at the negative assessments, in most cases they are written by customers who have lost their money. Should I take such reviews seriously? We present to your attention the reviews of real users who have achieved success in cooperation with the broker Maxitrade, posted below.