Maxitrade scam or legit broker?

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Specializing in trading, MaxiTrade is a global trading service provider in service for more than a decade. This considerably long industry tenure is not only a testament to expertise, but legitimacy. 

However, just like with any other business or services, MaxiTrade is not a stranger to negative reviews. A number of online personalities would even attest that the brokerage company is a fraudulent entity, looking into scamming easily-trusting traders.

This article aims to dispel claims and misconceptions regarding MaxiTrade, specifically it being a scam. So read up on this holistic MaxiTrade review.

What MaxiTrade Does

Being a seasoned trading service provider, MaxiTrade provides venues for buying and selling Bitcoin globally in countries such as Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, and India. The company also has operations for Altcoins in the Philippines and Nigeria.

Poised to become the leading Forex broker, MaxiTrade assists its users toward opportunities for profit regardless of experience or the lack thereof. 

MaxiTrade’s Premium Services

MaxiTrade’s goal is simple: foster a friendly environment for all Cryptocurrency traders to make profit and expand their trading portfolio. In the MaxiTrade site, the brokerage company offers:

Reliable Trading Platforms

MaxiTrade makes life easy for Cryptocurrency and Forex traders through intuitive trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and Xcritical.

These are dependable and of good repute in the Forex Trading community. 

Deposits and Withdrawals of Cryptocurrency Made Simple

Gone are the days of complicated processes for Cryptocurrency access. MaxiTrade understands that there is simply no reason as to why Cryptocurrency traders would be given a hard time to access their hard-earned digital money.

Monthly Fees and Extra Commissions for Operations are Waived

MaxiTrade makes trading smooth for its users by scratching monthly fees and operations commissions off. 

Round-the-Clock Technical Support 

MaxiTrade boasts of a formidable team of motivated traders who are more than competent at handling and responding to pressing trading concerns stretching from platform functionalities to opportune trading time slots.

Holistic Data Protection 

MaxiTrade offers continuous data operation that observes the international standards of data protection. This is under the supervision of skilled technical specialists.

Facts About Trading

But of course, MaxiTrade’s multi-facetted services do not easily guarantee legitimacy. Before we go into the task of defending the company against ill-conceived accusations and baseless assumptions, let us take a look at 3 trading facts that we need to understand fully to flter harmful opinion from essential trading information.

Trading is a gamble

When one chooses to enter the trading industry, he or she must be ready for losses. Big ones at that. Good PR about Forex or cryptocurrency trading should be taken with a grain of salt. Such are only meant to hook the uninitiated into the trade. Easy profit is never guaranteed.

Brokerage Companies are only guideposts

While Brokerage Companies do help traders become better at playing within the industry, fact of the matter is, your choice of service provider isn’t decisive of trading success. The company might be one that leads a trader to opportune times for trading or makes him or her privy to economic news that might help in decision-making, but the one that breaks or makes deals are the traders. 

The Trader is still the Decision-Maker

Trading service providers are only here to guide the trader to the right direction. The trader chooses the path to tread.

MaxiTrade Fraud: False News

So the question now becomes, is MaxiTrade a scam or a fraudulent entity? The short answer is, NO.

At the heart of it all, MaxiTrade ( is a legitimate company with legitimate people in the forefront. These personnel will go to lengths to assist their clients. Fraudsters make too-good-to-be-true commitments with only personal interests in mind. But fraudsters are usually caught with a diligent tread along their filthy trails. The internet made wonders by making the clandestine transparent. Here, with its extensive reach, it is almost impossible to not uncover corporate lies. 

Despite a number of negative reviews, MaxiTrade remains afloat with its extensive portfolio and commitment to actual service.

MaxiTrade Customer Reviews: The Bad

Even with all that, negative reviews about MaxiTrade still can’t be helped. While everyone might be entitled to his or her own opinion on to how an experience is personally assessed, it doesn’t mean that the opinion is right or, for that matter, factual.

Here are few negative reviews gathered across the online community:

Are they registered or not?

This is the first sign that Maxitrade isn’t recommended to use by traders. They aren’t registered. And, because they aren’t registered, they aren’t regulated as well.

When a broker isn’t registered and regulated, it means that they can set up their own rules and regulations. It doesn’t need to be the regular rules and regulations that a broker needs to have. And, they can change their rules and regulations as they please. Meaning that you will never know for sure if you are doing everything according to their rules and regulations. It is important to only use brokers that are regulated. Making sure that you are using the best brokers there possible is.

While the argument against unregistered and unregulated trading service providers is sound, the claim that MaxiTrade is both is completely outdated. Fact of the matter is, MaxiTrade is certified and therefore regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC). The company received the certification on January 15th 2019. This checks out as the FMRRC’s website itself posted its certification.

But to complicate things, we must assess the validity of the FMRRC itself. 

The first thing that you have to note about the regulatory body is that it is non-Government and independent. And while it declares itself as a non-commercial private entity, the FMRCC is in no way connected to the Russian Government. On top of that, it does not take part in the process of authentication of Forex brokers in Russia. These strongly suggest that the FMRRC itself might be subject to question, leading those privy to their function and existence to question the companies that it regulates. 

The other reviews are more outright in that they claim they had been scammed. Such are the premise of the testimonials below:

The problem with these reviews is that the clients simply do not understand the risks that the trade comes with. While MaxiTrade agents will definitely try to entice, the success of one’s trading endeavor is still reliant on a trader’s own decisions.

What this means is that while MaxiTrade does give trading signals and potential leads, the trader’s enthusiasm and desire are decisive in making trades work. As such, it is only natural that one’s funds get eaten by a single trade. Losing is always a risk. An understanding of market behavior will help in softening the blow of bad decisions or to avoid them altogether.

MaxiTrade Customer Reviews: The Good

But of course, the bad is always offset by the good. Below are some reviews on MaxiTrade that lean on the positive.

The MaxiTrade Broker: A Legitimate Broker

So does MaxiTrade cheat? Definitely not. Those throwing shade at MaxiTrade, saying that it is a scam, lack the knowledge of how trading works. 

Despite only being regulated this 2019, it does not mean that MaxiTrade’s decade of work isn’t valid. It only says that despite the absence of regulation, the company had been able to stay in operation. This strongly suggests that despite the negative reviews, their professionalism and portfolio kept them afloat with their more diligent and active clients rallying behind them. 

Conclusion: Why Work with MaxiTrade

So why work with MaxiTrade? Simple: not only is it a legitimate brokerage company, it is altogether reliable and trustworthy.

Forget what the naysayers are saying. Know that while MaxiTrade possibly has slip-ups (what company doesn’t?) it does not mean it is decisive for everything. A trader’s success relies on his or her ability to make sound trading decisions. He or she should be forthcoming with opportunities, but always keep apprehensions. 

A wise trader is a trader who knows when to take a chance and refuse even a seemingly good offer when his or her gut says otherwise. 
Yes, trading with MaxiTrade is a sound decision. It is but another guidepost, the trader is always the active agent. So log on to the official site and see what wonders they can do for you!